CB Digital Exams

Installing the App on Managed Devices

Technology coordinators: Make sure the CB Digital Exams app is installed on student devices before test day.

Keep In Mind

Auto Updates

When installed properly, the app will auto-update whenever users launch or open it. Updates are released regularly without notification.

Spring 2022

Install the App for These Digital Tests

SAT Suite of Assessments

  • Digital SAT Suite in-school study (March 21–April 1) 
  • Digital SAT Weekend study (April 2, April 9, April 16) 

AP Exams

  • Beta test (March 22–24) 
  • AP English Literature and Composition Exam (May 4)  
  • AP World History: Modern Exam (May 12) 

Get Installation Instructions

Choose a device type to download and install the CB Digital Exams app.


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Student Download Page

If your device policy allows it, students can go to https://player.app.collegeboard.org on their testing device and download the CB Digital Exams app themselves. The download page will detect their device type and make the appropriate file available.