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Thank you for visiting the College Board Privacy Statement, which applies to sites and mobile apps owned and operated by the College Board ("College Board," "We," "Us"), a mission driven, not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity. This Statement explains how we use and protect the personally identifiable information you share with us when you use our sites and mobile apps. This Privacy Statement provides a comprehensive view of College Board privacy policies and practices while linking to other areas where you can learn even more.

You can also read our Privacy Principles, which guide our data privacy practices. We collect personally identifiable information from you to administer tests, connect you with scholarship programs and college opportunities, for aggregated, anonymized research and educational efforts that helps College Board, students, and educators. We don’t share your information without your permission and we tell you how we use it in this Privacy Statement and when we collect it from you.

Personally Identifiable Information Collected

We ask for your personally identifiable information to connect you to college opportunities. We collect it to administer tests, send scores, connect you with colleges and scholarships, and for educational efforts that help students and educators.

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Information Use and Disclosure

College Board uses your personally identifiable information to administer tests, send scores, connect you with colleges and scholarships, for educational efforts that help students and educators, and only discloses it as more fully described here.

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Access to Your Information and Data Retention

You can access and change your information at any time by contacting Customer Service or logging in to your College Board account. Customer Service may ask for more information to be sure you are who you say you are.

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Communications and Marketing
Notice of Your California Privacy Rights

We communicate with you based on your actions on our site. We also send email and texts about our services, products, newsletters, alerts, and events. You have to opt in to get email and texts, and you can change your preferences at any time. Students and their parents and guardians can also learn more about our Student Search Service®. See below for more details and Your Privacy Rights for California Residents.

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Cookies and Do Not Track Signals

To keep your information secure while giving you a good experience on our websites, College Board uses cookies and similar technologies to process and store preferences, settings, and sign-in authentication, and capture information about how our website and email are used.

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Security of Information

We follow industry-recognized security practices and standards to protect the personally identifiable information submitted to us, both during transmission and once it's received.

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Children Under 13

College Board doesn't collect personally identifiable information online from children under 13.

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EU Privacy Notice, International Users and Data Transfers

Our EU Privacy Notice gives individuals in the EU additional notice of their rights. College Board, its website, and its website servers are located and operated in the United States.

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Changes to Our Privacy Statement

Visit this page periodically to check for updates.

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Contact Us

We'll give you more information about our privacy policies, answer your questions, or resolve your complaints.

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Effective Date: October 4, 2019

Personally Identifiable Information Collected

You don’t need to create an online account to view most of our website, but you do need an account to register for tests, view and send scores, personalize your web experience, or use certain tools on our site.

Account Creation: When students create an online account, we ask for the following personally identifiable information: first name, middle initial, last name, zip code, gender, date of birth, high school, email address, mailing address, mobile phone number, username, and password. Students can also give us a parent or guardian’s first and last name and email address to opt in to "CC: a Parent" or the Parent Newsletter.

View Your Scores and Send Score Reports
To view your scores and request score sends, you need to create a student account with the personally identifiable information noted above.

Test Registration: We ask for the following information when you register for a College Board test: name (first, middle, last), mailing address, phone number, date of birth, gender, race/ethnicity (optional), high school name, date of expected high school graduation, grade level, email address, and student ID (for ACCUPLACER, AP, PSAT/NMSQT). For SAT School Day administrations, student ID is provided by the school district, the state, or students. Military personnel registering for a CLEP exam are also required to supply their Social Security number. To process your SAT registration payment, credit card information will be collected and processed by a third-party payment processor. For online SAT registration, a photo is required. To read the privacy statements and testing polices for a specific test, please also read the applicable Program-Specific Privacy Policies.

AP and Pre-AP Classroom Resources: Our AP and Pre-AP in-classroom platform gives AP and Pre-AP students and teachers additional resources. Students access the platform with their College Board student account. We collect additional required information for AP registration: current grade level, school name, and world language course(s) taken by the student, if any. To learn more, go to AP Central.

SAT Score Cancellation Appeals: If you're appealing a score cancellation, you can submit related information to us that may include personally identifiable information.

Student Search Service: Student Search Service (Search) is a free, optional service that helps students start a conversation with colleges and scholarship organizations. If you choose to participate, you agree to share information about yourself from the Student Data Questionnaire and interest in colleges from your BigFuture™ college list with eligible colleges, universities, nonprofit scholarship programs, and nonprofit educational organizations to be used only for recruitment, scholarship opportunities, and college planning outreach. These eligible organizations may contact you via email or regular mail with information about their programs. You can opt out at any time. Organizations do pay a fee to license this information.

Eligible organizations participating in Student Search Service can look for students for recruitment, scholarship opportunities, and college planning purposes based on elements such as area of intended study, demographics, geography, AP, SAT, and PSAT/NMSQT score range, and interest in a specific college (based on the college list the student creates on the College Board BigFuture site). College Board doesn't share disability information, parental income, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, or actual test scores. These organizations must sign a strict license agreement that outlines how student information can be used and requires organizations to retain such information for limited periods only. These organizations are prohibited from sharing student information with any group other than their contractors, such as direct mail service providers. See the Student Search Service page for more information or call 866-825-8051.

Student Data Questionnaire: The optional Student Data Questionnaire may be completed at the time a student registers or takes the PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, or SAT is used for College Board research, test validity purposes and for eligible colleges and scholarship programs to start conversations with students if they opted in to Student Search Service. Students can choose to complete or skip questions; information is collected about grades, interests, intended major and college plans. To see the types of questions on the Student Data Questionnaire that are being shared if you opted in to Student Search Service, please refer to the Student Search Service page.

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD): Students and parents generally work with their school to request accommodations and provide information to College Board. When requesting accommodations online, schools must certify that they have parental consent from the parent/guardian of any student under 18 to provide information and must keep this information in their records. When a paper Student Eligibility Form is used to request accommodations, the parent/guardian must indicate on the form that they consent to the request/release of information. Students 18 and over may sign the forms themselves. Visit our Services for Students with Disabilities page to learn more.

English Learner (EL) Supports: Students requesting EL supports must demonstrate their EL status. Students and parents generally work with their school to provide this information to College Board. For more information, visit our EL Testing Supports page.

College Planning/Big Future:
College Lists/Connecting to Colleges: Participation in Student Search Service allows College Board to share your name and limited information with colleges and scholarship programs looking for students like you. If you opt in and save a college list on BigFuture, we'll make your college interests available to eligible colleges and universities so they can provide more personalized information to you. Colleges won’t know if you've applied to, or plan to apply to, any college on your list. See the Student Search Service About Your Data page for more information.

Career Finder: Career Finder is a resource created by Roadtrip Nation® and College Board that recommends future careers based on student interests. If you log in to your College Board account and agree to share your PSAT/NMSQT and/or SAT scores with Roadtrip Nation, your occupational fit based on these scores is loaded into your College Board account. Roadtrip Nation operates the Career Finder website independently from College Board.

Virtual College Advising: Virtual college advising is a program from College Board and College Advising Corps. If you agree to participate in this virtual advising program and share your PSAT/NMSQT and/or SAT score report, you’ll receive free college advising support from College Advising Corps. This information is only used by College Advising Corps and College Board for this program and will not be shared with any other organizations without your permission. You can opt out of the program at any time.

Pay for College: The Pay for College section of BigFuture offers tools and services that access current information about college costs, scholarships, financial aid applications, and college financing. When you apply to a higher ed institution and are directed to complete the CSS Profile application, we collect the following information: first and last name, address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, anticipated graduation date, family financial information (such as income, assets, and tax information), citizenship, and Social Security number (only if tax returns are included). This information is only used to process the CSS Profile application on behalf of the college or institution you’re applying to. Please note that Scholarship Search results can be saved, but Parent Debt Calculator results can't.

When you use the expected family contribution (EFC) calculator we collect personally identifiable information to determine if you're dependent or independent. You can save this information to your account, but we do not use it for other purposes.

Engaging Parents:To encourage parents/guardians to get involved in their child’s educational choices we offer "CC: a Parent" which allows parents/guardians to receive copies of the important emails we send to students, and the Parent Newsletter. You can provide your parent/guardian’s first and last name and an email address if you decide to create an account. After your parent/guardian confirms, they'll be copied on College Board emails you’ve signed up for, including reminders about upcoming dates and deadlines; SAT registration receipts, notifications, and admission tickets for test day; test center alerts; and score announcements. To protect the security of your College Board web account, we don’t send copies of username or password reminders to your parent/guardian.

Parents and guardians can also sign up for College Board emails and text messages with college planning reminders, information, and advice tailored to their child’s grade level. We’ll ask for a parent’s name, street address, email, mobile phone number, opt-ins for email and/or texts, relationship to children, and how many children the parent has in high school. See our pages for parents and guardians for more information.

The College Board Opportunity Scholarships program guides students through the process of applying to college and rewards their efforts. You can provide information if you’d like to participate. Visit the College Board Scholarship Opportunity page for more information about this program and how student data is collected and used. In addition to the information you share during the account creation process, we also use your PSAT/NMSQT and SAT score data to verify score improvements, and we may request proof of family income from students eligible for low-income scholarships.

College Board partners with certain state scholarship organizations to connect eligible students to scholarships from organizations in their state. When you take an SAT test, if you’re eligible, your information will be automatically provided to your state scholarship organization unless you choose to opt out by contacting [email protected] or Customer Service. See Privacy Policy—Use of Student Information in the SAT and SAT Subject Tests™ Student Registration Booklet.

Test Security: We may use methods and technology to capture and analyze images, video, or audio at test centers to ensure test security. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Education Professionals: Education professionals don’t need an online account to view most of the website but do need a College Board account to perform certain tasks or save personalized information. For example: ordering an AP Exam or PSAT/NMSQT test materials, registering for workshops, and requesting additional fee waivers. See our pages for education professionals for more information.

We collect the following personally identifiable information from professionals creating an online account: first name, middle initial, and last name, name suffix, gender, email address. If you live outside the U.S.: job function, school affiliation, username, and password.

Test Coordinator Account Creation: Establishing yourself as a test coordinator for your school gives you the benefit of ordering testing materials online. When creating an online account, we collect first and last name, email address, phone number, and an alternate contact name from the school in case there are questions about an order. Test coordinators may also provide name, work phone, fax number, and email address, which can be displayed on the public web page for the school’s testing center.

Online Event Registration: If you register for a workshop, summer institute, meeting, or conference through the site, we’ll capture credit card information, the type of services or products ordered or purchased, and the order or purchase date.

Information Use and Disclosure

College Board uses your personally identifiable information to administer tests, send scores, connect you with colleges and scholarships, for educational efforts that help students and educators, and only discloses it as more fully described here.

Uses and disclosures include:

Operational Third Parties: Our operational third parties include Conduent, ETS and their international affiliates, NCS Pearson Inc., AIR, Alorica, FolderWave, Inc., Recordsforce, Inc., and Scholarship America for the purpose of administering testing services, producing and generating student score reports, processing CSS Profile applications, and administering scholarship programs. These organizations cannot relicense, sell, or otherwise repurpose the information.

Educational Reporting: We provide student information in accordance with our contracts and applicable law to high schools, colleges, governmental departments of education, and the U.S. State Department for reporting purposes, and to state scholarship organizations for administering scholarships. We only use or disclose information collected from a school that’s part of a student’s education record as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in accordance with our contracts and applicable law.

Customer Service: To verify user identity during Customer Service calls and respond to specific requests.

Order Processing:

  • We use outside companies to process credit cards and ship free or purchased goods. These companies have contractual requirements with us to protect personally identifiable information.
  • We use an outside company to send email communications to our users. This company retains and stores personally identifiable information for the sole purpose of processing the email communications. They do not share, sell, or rent this information for any other purpose. Information shared with our email service provider includes: first and last name, address, date of birth, landline and/or mobile phone number, and email address.
  • We use an outside company to assist with event registration and administration including payment processing.

Web Experience:

  • To customize and/or personalize your website experience, including prefilling a test registration with stored personally identifiable information; fulfilling online purchase requests or other transactions performed on the site(s), including sharing relevant personally identifiable information with a College Board vendor so the vendor can complete purchases or transactions;
  • In support of operating, hosting, and enhancing our website(s), personally identifiable information may be accessed by contractors who work on programming and technical aspects of website operation. All contractors follow College Board confidentiality and privacy conditions.

Students with Disabilities (SSD): If you request a test accommodation for a disability through our Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), we’ll use the information we collect from you to evaluate and respond to your request. We’ll also use your contact information to communicate with you and third parties (your school, doctors, etc.) if you authorize us to.

Fraud Prevention and Test Security: We may collect images or recordings to identify specific individuals for fraud prevention or test security. This information may be collected, stored, reviewed, and used for (1) identifying and/or investigating possible test security incidents; (2) collecting evidence in connection with possible test security incidents; and (3) enhancing test security. We will not use or disclose this information except as described above, as requested by law enforcement, and/or as reasonably necessary to protect the rights and property of College Board or third parties.

Research: Information is carefully used for:

  • Research conducted for College Board.
  • Student participation in surveys and focus groups.
  • Research and policy discussions (using deidentified and aggregate information).
  • Identifying, developing, and offering products and services that help students transition from high school to college and for continuous improvement of our products and services.
  • For more information about our research, visit our Research page.

Access Organizations: These organizations help connect students with college planning activities and currently include Khan Academy®, College Advising Corps, and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Test Preparation: When students opt in to link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts, they can use their scores from the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 to generate a personalized study plan.

Career Finder: When a student logs in to their College Board account and agrees to share their PSAT and/or SAT scores, their occupational fit based on these assessment outcomes is loaded into their College Board account and shared with Roadtrip Nation.

Virtual College Advising: When you agree to participate in our virtual advising program and share your PSAT/NMSQT and/or SAT score report, you agree to receive free college advising support from our partners at College Advising Corps and a College Advising Corps adviser will have access to your PSAT/NMSQT and/or SAT score report.

Student Search Service: Student Search Service users—colleges, universities, nonprofit scholarship organizations, and nonprofit educational organizations (see more details below).

PSAT/NMSQT: Score information is shared with the cosponsor of this test, National Merit Scholarship Corporation, to select possible scholarship recipients.

PSAT 8/9: If you agree to receive information, we would share information only with eligible non-profit, educational access programs, such as the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program, and National Honor Society. Non-profit educational access programs can inform you of certain opportunities, such as extracurricular activities, outreach programs, and financial aid.

Other Instances: We may also disclose your personally identifiable information as required by law, for example to comply with a subpoena or other legal process, when we believe in good faith that it’s necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.

Access to Your Information and Data Retention

College Board will give you information about whether we have, or process on behalf of a third party, any of your personally identifiable information. To request this information contact us at [email protected].

Customer Service Contact Information:

College Board
250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281
Phone: (844) 849-3551


You can also access, correct, or request deletion of your personally identifiable information by logging in to your account or contacting us at [email protected].

We'll respond to these requests within a reasonable timeframe and as required by applicable law.

We may retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed for legitimate educational purposes to provide you services, comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

If you request to have your student record and scores deleted, they'll be permanently deleted—we won't be able to retrieve this information. If College Board deletes your data, you won’t be able to access your account or any associated scores, send your scores, or see information related to any other activity. Once your account data and associated scores are deleted, they cannot be restored.

EU residents—see our EU Privacy Notice below for additional information about your rights.

Communications and Marketing
Notice of Your California Privacy Rights

We send you two types of emails: transactional system-generated emails and optional commercial marketing emails.

  • System-generated emails are a direct response to a user’s action on our site, for example, confirmation of an online store purchase, an SAT admission ticket, and username and password reminders.
  • Optional commercial marketing emails and texts tell users about College Board products, services, newsletters, alerts, events, and surveys. When you create a College Board Account, you’re given the option to receive marketing communications from us. Users can opt in to get these emails or texts and can change their communication preferences at any time. Your contact information and high school location are used to communicate with you. To unsubscribe from commercial emails:
    • Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any College Board email
    • Manage your email subscriptions through your College Board account
    • Call Customer Service at 866-756-7346
    • Write to:
      College Board
      250 Vesey Street
      New York, NY 10281
      Attention: User Account Manager

College Board SMS Terms and Conditions

  • We'll only text you if you opt in to get text messages. You can opt out at any time.
  • Text JOIN to 70801 to join College Board Alerts. Approx. 6 msgs/mo. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Msg & Data Rates May Apply. To stop receiving SMS messages from College Board Alerts, text STOP to 70801.
  • To unsubscribe, you’ll receive 1 final text confirming you’ve been unsubscribed in our system. You won’t get any other text messages unless you reactivate your subscription, which you can do by texting JOIN.
  • For additional help, text HELP to 70801 or contact [email protected].

Communications from Organizations Participating in Student Search Service

When you choose to start a conversation with colleges and scholarship organizations through the voluntary and free Student Search Service, you may receive communications from these programs by email and regular mail. These organizations are required to maintain strict confidentiality. The frequency and mode of communication are determined by each organization, and every communication they send is required to contain instructions for unsubscribing. To unsubscribe from the Student Search Service program, visit the opt out page, call 800-626-9795 or write to:

College Board
11955 Democracy Drive
Reston, VA 20190
Attention: Student Search Service


California Residents—Your Privacy Rights: California law (California Civil Code Section 1798.83) permits residents of California to opt out of College Board disclosure of personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes at any time. College Board will not disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing without giving you notice and getting your consent. Please note—this opt-out doesn’t prohibit disclosures for nonmarketing purposes. You can opt out for free by calling 800-626-9795 or writing to:

College Board
11955 Democracy Drive
Reston, VA 20190
Attention: Student Search Service


Cookies and Do Not Track Signals

Like most websites, ours gathers certain information automatically. This information may include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, the files viewed on our site (e.g., HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system, date/time stamp, and/or clickstream data to analyze trends in the aggregate and administer the site.

We use cookies to remember your settings. This makes browsing more efficient on subsequent visits by using your preferences to customize the content and/or layout of our site(s). You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level.

Cookies and other technologies such as: beacons, pixels, Flash objects, tags, and scripts are used by College Board analytics in analyzing trends, administering the site, tracking users’ movements around the site, and to gather demographic information about our user base. We may collect analytics data, or use third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics, to help us measure traffic and usage trends for the sites and understand more about the demographics of our users. You can learn more about Google’s practices at Google Policies, and view its currently available opt-out options at Google Tools.

Flash Cookies: We may use Flash cookies (also known as local shared objects) and similar technologies to personalize and enhance your online experience. A Flash cookie is a small data file placed on a computer using Adobe® Flash technology. The Adobe Flash Player is an application that allows rapid development of dynamic content, such as video clips and animation. We use Flash cookies to personalize and enhance your online experience and deliver content for Flash players. We may also use Flash cookies for security purposes, to gather certain website metrics, and to help remember settings and preferences. Flash cookies are managed through a different interface than your web browser’s. To manage Flash cookies, please visit the Adobe website. If you disable Flash cookies or other similar technologies, you may not have access to certain content and features on our website.

Cookie Controls: Most web browsers provide controls that let you block or delete cookies. Generally, you can go to your browser’s Help section and see instructions for blocking or deleting cookies. However, certain features College Board uses on its site depend on cookies. If you turn off your cookie settings you can still use our site, but your ability to use some features or areas of our site may be limited.

Adobe Device Co-op: The College Board participates in the Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op to better understand how you use our website across various devices.

California Do Not Track Disclosure
Some browsers may be able to send a do not track signal to websites. The College Board site does not respond to do not track signals or similar mechanisms and requests. If you block cookies through your browser, you’ll block cookies as noted above.

Third Parties and Online Advertising: We do not display any advertising on our site. We do use third parties, such as Facebook, to provide information about our educational products. Only hashed, nonidentifiable information is provided to these third parties. Only individuals that have independently created an account on our site and opted in to receive marketing communications from us may receive College Board interest-based advertising on such third-party sites. No personally identifiable information is shared with those third parties.

For more information about interest-based advertising and how you can opt out from some of it, visit the NAI Consumer Opt Out page or the Digital Advertising Alliance Your Ad Choices site. You can also manage certain advertising cookies by visiting the EU-based Your Online Choices and the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada site. You may also be able to limit interest-based advertising through the settings on your mobile device by selecting “limit ad tracking” (iOS) or “opt-out of interest-based ads” (Android). You may also be able to opt out of some, but not all, interest-based ads served by mobile ad networks by visiting Your Ad App Choices. Please note that opting out of receiving interest-based advertising through NAI's and DAA's online resources will only opt out a user from receiving interest-based ads on that specific browser or device, but they may still receive interest-based ads on their other devices. You must opt out on each browser or device you use.

YouTube: We use the YouTube service to display videos related to college planning and opportunities. YouTube uses tracking technologies, which may be present in the videos embedded on YouTube, which may collect information from your browser when you view the video, including device identifiers and/or cookie IDs. This information is collected directly and automatically by YouTube and its partners; however, College Board does not participate in these data transmissions. College Board does not provide any personally identifiable information, such as usernames, to YouTube. You can learn more about Google's practices and control your settings on the service at Google Policies.

Information Security

Because no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed 100% secure, we can’t guarantee the security of information you transmit to us. We follow industry-recognized security practices and standards to protect the personally identifiable information submitted to us, both during transmission and once it’s received. College Board has ISO 27001 and SOC2 certifications and is certified by third-party auditors annually to help us proactively manage risks and controls. If you have any questions about the security of your personally identifiable information, email us at [email protected].

Site Administration Services

To give you additional resources and information, we may include third-party links to access organizations, scholarship organizations, career information, test preparation, and site administration on our site. These linked sites have separate and independent privacy policies that you should read. We have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites, but we want to protect the integrity of our site and welcome any feedback about these linked sites (including if a specific link doesn’t work).

Children Under 13

We do not collect personally identifiable information online from children under 13. If you know of a child giving us this type of information online, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 866-756-7346 to have the account deactivated.

EU Privacy Notice

This supplemental privacy notice gives European Union (EU) residents additional information required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These provisions, together with the statements in the College Board privacy notices, explain our practices for processing EU residents' personal data.

Cookies: Visitors to our site from the EU can opt out of cookies for nonessential website purposes. When you visit our website and with your consent, we place cookies on your computer. Please see the sections above regarding cookies and similar technologies.

This EU Privacy Notice explains why we collect your personally identifiable information and how we process it. We collect and process your information per the lawful bases described below:

We process your personally identifiable information when necessary:

  • To fulfill a contract with you, such as to provide a College Board test or a test offered by another company on behalf of College Board.
  • We may provide personally identifiable information to our subcontractors (processors) and other trusted businesses or persons to process it for us, based on our written instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Statement and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. For example, we use service providers to help process and score our tests.
  • To process a payment, to create an account on our website, and for website management.

We may also process your personally identifiable information with your consent to send you marketing email communications, enroll you in Student Search Service, or send your scores to your designated recipients.

We may also process your personally identifiable information with your consent to send you marketing email communications, enroll you in Student Search Service, or send your scores to your designated recipients.

We may also process your personally identifiable information for the purposes of our legitimate interests, provided that such processing doesn’t outweigh your rights and freedoms. We may process your personal information as needed to:

  • Protect you, us, or others from threats (such as test security, security threats, or test fraud)
  • Improve College Board tests and support College Board research initiatives
  • Enable or administer our business, such as for quality control, consolidated reporting, and customer service
  • Manage corporate transactions, such as mergers or acquisitions
  • Understand and improve our business, improve test integrity, and for research purposes

We may also process your personally identifiable information to comply with applicable laws.

Automated Decision Making and Profiling: College Board may use automated processes in connection with scoring tests and for similar purposes, as needed to provide the test services you have requested and for fraud prevention related to test security. All of these decisions are subject to human review. We will not make automated decisions about you that may significantly affect you, unless (a) the decision is necessary as part of a contract we have with you, (b) we have your explicit consent, or (c) we are required by law to use the technology. You can learn more about test scoring by reading the information posted on our website about each of our tests. You can learn more about test security by reading the information posted on our website.

In some cases, we use certain elements of personal data for College Board research. For example, we may consider how certain types of test takers (such as nonnative English speakers) respond to specific test questions. Our research initiatives reflect our commitment to fairness and equity in testing, helping to ensure that our tests are accessible and free from bias. They also aim to improve teaching, learning, and assessment. Our research results do not contain any identifiable data and aren’t used to target or profile individuals. Visit our website to learn more: Research.

Your Rights: As stated in this EU Privacy Notice, you always have the right to object to our marketing communications. To opt out of emails, click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email we send you. And see the sections above related to communications and marketing for information about your choices and opting out.

College Board also respects the rights of EU residents to access, correct, and request erasure or restriction of their personally identifiable information as required by law. This means:

  • You have a right to know if College Board maintains your personally identifiable information. If we do, we’ll give you a copy (subject to the rights of others). If your information is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to ask us to update it.
  • You have the right to object to our processing of your personally identifiable information.

You may also ask us to delete or restrict your personally identifiable information, including a copy of your information related to your right to data portability.

To exercise these rights, please contact us via email at [email protected] or write to us at the U.S. address below, and our Customer Service team will assist you (we may need to verify your identity before we can process your request). Our ability to delete personal information will be limited when we’re required to retain records, as in connection with score reports and test security processes.

If you believe we have processed your personally identifiable information in violation of applicable law, you can file a complaint with the College Board Chief Privacy Officer or a supervisory authority by emailing [email protected].

Data Retention

We will retain your personally identifiable information for as long as the information is needed for the purposes detailed above and for any additional period that may be required or permitted by law. You may request that we delete your personally identifiable information by emailing us at [email protected]. Unless we’re required by law to retain your information or have a legitimate interest in retaining it, we’ll delete it within 30 days of your request. If you ask us to delete your data, you won’t be able to access any College Board account or test scores, or send test scores to any colleges, universities, or any other third parties.

International Users

College Board, its website, and its website servers are located and operated in the United States, requiring your information to be transferred from your location to the United States, which may not provide the same level of protection for your personally identifiable information as your home country. The information may be available to the United States government or its agencies under a lawful order in the United States. When you give information to College Board through this website for any reason, including for any of the services we offer, you acknowledge a cross-border transfer of that information to the United States. If you do not agree to this international transfer of data, you shouldn't use the website and the services it offers. If you choose to revoke your consent to such transfer, and this is the lawful basis for the processing, we may cease processing your information. Depending on the service you’re using the website for, it may impact your ability to apply or be accepted to a U.S. college or university. EU residents—please read the EU Privacy Notice above.

Changes to Our Privacy Statement

Sometimes we update this Privacy Statement, so visit this page periodically to review it for changes. We will post those changes on this page. Policy changes will apply only to information collected after the date of the change.

Terms and Conditions

Please also visit our terms and conditions section establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website.

Contact Us

College Board
250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281
Phone: 212-713-8000
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