Our Supplier Guidelines

"Strategic sourcing, inclusion and supplier diversity are essential elements of the College Board’s mission to connect students to college success and opportunity."

– Jeremy Singer, President

To achieve College Board’s mission, we must collaborate with suppliers that provide a high level of quality, service and innovation to meet our needs. Our supply base relationships are critical to delivering value to our customers: students, teachers, counselors, institutions and other stakeholders. Our suppliers are also expected to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

College Board’s sourcing and procurement process enables qualified suppliers to compete for business opportunities. Supplier selection requires certain levels of evaluation and due diligence. The degree of evaluation and due diligence will depend on the circumstances and the products and services being procured. As such, the criteria that follow may apply to your company and includes but is not limited to College Board’s evaluation of a supplier’s financial health, technical excellence, value and quality, depth of expertise, reputation, past performance, and capability to meet College Board’s standards and business objectives.

  • Financial stability: All suppliers must be financially sound and credit-worthy.
  • Continuous improvement: Suppliers may be required to fully demonstrate their processes as well as continuous improvement of those processes and/or performance of their products and services.
  • Established business: Suppliers must be able to provide a legal company name and should be in business for a minimum of three years. Suppliers must be able to demonstrate revenue for this period.
  • Proven track record and references: Suppliers may be required to provide references of satisfied past and current customers.
  • Insurance and bonding requirements: Suppliers must provide commercial general liability insurance, commercial automobile liability, workers' compensation, employer's liability and professional liability. Additional umbrella/excess liability insurance may also be required. Suppliers must be able to obtain bonding when required.
  • Background checks: A supplier may be required to certify to College Board that it has conducted (or used an agency to conduct) criminal history checking, drug testing, and verification of education, employment history, and legal right to work for all employees and contract personnel.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our suppliers are also expected to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines the minimum requirements and expectations for the ethical behavior of our suppliers. Upon delivery of any good or service to College Board, all suppliers certify that they comply with the policies and standards contained in this Code of Conduct. College Board will conduct business with integrity and honesty in compliance with all laws and company policy. Our suppliers are also expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all business practices in full cooperation with this Supplier Code of Conduct.

  • Ethical behavior: All suppliers are expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all business practices in full cooperation with College Board Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers must avoid all transactions or relationships that are or appear to be conflicts of interest.
  • Compliance with laws: All suppliers must fully comply with all applicable national, state and/or local laws, regulations, and ordinances. Suppliers must provide safe and healthy working environments.
  • Gifts and entertainment: Suppliers are permitted to make reasonable and customary gifts to College Board employees in the ordinary course of business provided that no improper remuneration will be permitted under any circumstance. Furthermore, suppliers should avoid excessive or frequent gift giving to College Board employees; specifically, suppliers should ensure that any gifts to College Board employees will not be perceived as a bribe, payoff or any other attempt to gain an advantage in any sourcing or other purchasing decision. College Board employees cannot accept gifts in excess of $25.