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The National Assemblies and Councils

Member institutions appoint one delegate to each of our three national assemblies:

  • Academic Assembly
  • CSS/Financial Assistance Assembly
  • Counseling and Admission Assembly

Each national assembly provides the College Board with guidance on the issues and College Board activities related to their areas of professional interest. At the national Forum, they vote on policy and governance issues. In addition, each national assembly elects a member to serve on the Board of Trustees along with the chair of the assembly.

Meetings of the Academic Assembly, the CSS/Financial Assistance Assembly and the Counseling and Admission Assembly are held at College Board regional and national conferences.

Each of the three national assemblies is led by a governing council of representatives from member institutions. These assembly councils manage the affairs of the assemblies and advise the Board of Trustees and the president of the College Board on matters of concern to the assemblies.

Academic Assembly

The Academic Assembly considers issues and actions related to providing universal access to high standards of learning. The assembly works to expand access to educational excellence for all students through the articulation and elaboration of academic standards and standards for the delivery of curriculum and instruction. Among other topics, the assembly addresses issues related to curriculum, assessment, the governance structure of schools and sustained professional development. See the Academic Assembly Council Roster.

CSS/Financial Assistance Assembly

The CSS/Financial Assistance Assembly provides the College Board with guidance on policies, practices and standards concerning the economic aspects of college attendance. In its deliberations, the CSS Assembly seeks to help students and families prepare to meet the costs of postsecondary education. The Assembly also endeavors to support institutions, agencies, and organizations in the equitable and efficient administration of student financial aid programs. See the CSS/Financial Assistance Assembly Council Roster.

Counseling and Admission Assembly

The Counseling and Admission Assembly considers issues and actions related to providing educational opportunities for all students at crucial transition points in their lives. The Assembly identifies and responds to the needs of its members as they work to encourage students and families to keep their academic options open and to provide greater opportunities for student success whenever or however they enter higher education. See the Counseling and Admission Assembly Council Roster.

Those serving on national assemblies may also take part in regional assemblies, which provide cross-professional guidance on the regional level.