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Academic Advisory Committees

The Academic Advisory Committees shall advise the Academic Assembly Council on matters relating to the philosophy, guiding principles, and standards for creating coherence among the instructional materials, assessments, and professional development programs and services to prepare students for college and career readiness and success. The Advisory Committees also advise the Academic Assembly Council on policy decisions regarding equity, parity, and access for all students.

For the first time in the College Board’s history, we have a means to focus specifically on the integration of the College Board’s assessment and instructional programs.  Because these committees are made up of representatives across all our programs, we can examine how we actualize the core skills in each discipline in our instructional programs as well as in our assessments. Through these discussions, we strive to bring more coherence and innovation to how we help students learn, practice, and demonstrate these essential skills for college readiness and success.


Each Advisory Committee is responsible for:

  • Identifying and discussing the core skills that research has shown to be essential for college readiness and success in their discipline
  • Identifying different ways in which these skills can be cultivated through courses, assessments, and professional development
  • Identifying the ways in which integrated approaches to teaching, learning, and measuring these skills can be reflected  within and across College Board programs
  • Identifying issues of significance in their discipline for reporting to the Academic Assembly Council and for guiding overarching assessment and instruction strategies within the College Board