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Do I have to be employed by a member institution of the College Board to be eligible for nomination?

Although candidates generally don’t need to be employed by a member institution of the College Board, the nominating committees typically look for candidates familiar with College Board programs and services and the governance structure.

Who can nominate me?

Anyone who knows you well. You can also nominate yourself.

Is it beneficial to have more than one nominator?


Do I have to submit a letter of recommendation/personal statement?

Yes, as it helps the nominations committee better understand your candidate’s strengths and experience. The nominations committees will contact candidates if more information is needed.

I nominated myself or someone else before but wasn’t successful. Is it worth submitting again?

Yes. Recruitment priorities change each year, based on the group composition.

What are the benefits of serving?

Trustees and council members describe their work with the College Board as one of the most rewarding and enriching professional experiences they have had. It gives you an opportunity to join a diverse and impressive community of education professionals who support the College Board’s mission to clear a path for all students to own their future.

Is the position paid?

No, but we cover reasonable business costs specified in our volunteer expense policy, including travel, lodging, and meals.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected].