Steve Bumbaugh

Senior Vice President, College and Career Access

As head of the College and Career Access division, Steve Bumbaugh directs efforts to ensure more than 8 million students access and maximize college and career opportunities annually. Steve oversees programs and initiatives that change student trajectories, from financial aid programs such as CSS Profile to the partnership with Khan Academy®, which provides free, personalized, high-quality SAT preparation for students. At the intersection of data analytics, high-quality digital tools, and purposeful partnerships, this approach removes barriers and creates more opportunities for all students, with a special focus on lower-income students, first-generation college students, rural students, and students of color.

Steve is passionate about expanding access, equity, and excellence. He previously led the CityBridge Foundation’s Breakthrough Schools: D.C. competition, which designed new charter schools and redesigned traditional public schools. Prior to CityBridge, Steve served as president of the ECMC Foundation and led development for its education portfolio. Steve also championed efforts to improve education, health, and food security in lower-income communities as the first executive director of the Specialty Family Foundation. He started his career running a small school in Southeast Washington, D.C., as profiled in the documentary Southeast 67.

Steve earned his undergraduate degree from Yale University and his MBA from Stanford University. When he isn’t working or mentoring, Steve can be found spending time with his two teenage sons in Washington, D.C.